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Boeing 737 Overhead v3 without Switches

New product

Complete Boeing 737 overhead panels

Overhead v3 5mm panels...


Now with Full set of Annunciators included !


Please note, We make these overheads to order, Stock level means we have materials to make the stock level. 

Estimate Lead time 1 to 2 months from the date of your order

Pay deposit now and the rest when its ready! Please see below for deposit Option

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Cockpitsimparts Boeing 737 overhead v3. Our overhead is made from high quality plastic, Professionally sprayed to match Boeing 737 panels. Laser engraved to ensure the best quality to give it that genuine Boeing 737 look.


This is the version 3 of our overheads, This one is more professional looking with thicker panels, We have increase our panel thickness from 3mm to 5mm. Colour code : RAL 7011


You will receive;

All front panels 5mm, Backing panels 3mm.


1 x Lights panel set with backing panel.

1 x Central panel with backing panel.

1 x Navigation panel with backing panel.

1 x HYD pumps panel (white) with backing panel.

1 x Bus panel with backing panel.

1 x Fuel panel (white) with backing panel.

1 x FLT panel with backing panel.

1 x Cabin pressure panel with backing panel.

1 x Anti-Ice panel with backing panel.

1 x Window heat panel with backing panel.

1 x Blanking panels. (Used to fill in the missing gaps) with backing panel.

1 x Air conditioning panel with backing panel.

1 x Cabin idicators panel with backing panel.

1 x Electric control panel with backing panel.

Full set of Annunciator  (Without LED Boxes) 

All dummy Laser cut and engraved gauges included. (Backlit Compatible)

all dummy gauges included. 

Total size approximately; Wide 664mm, Length 689mm, Front panels are 5mm and back panels are 3mm.


Not included: 



LED Boxes 


Overhead Frame.

Gauge servos and electronics.



Available to order.


Please note;

This doesn't come with a frame or any working gauges/servos, It also doesn't come with any displays or screws. These will need to be purchased separately. 

Not assembled

It's important to note that our overheads are not plug and play. They come as individual panels that require assembly. Depending on your order, you will receive panels only or panels with switches.

Deposit option 

Start your order by paying a deposit of £100, the remaining balance to be payable once the order is ready for dispatch 

If you're interested in the deposit option, please contact us, and we'll arrange it for you. 

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here is our Overhead in action :