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Saitek Eng 2 Arm Handle (Right arm)


New product

Saitek Eng 2 Arm Handle (Right arm) 

 With Auto take off & go around switch (Fake)

white colour

Dispatch time: 3 - 6 days (usually sooner)

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Boeing 737 Throttle handles for Saitek quadrant, made of PVC ; it fits Saitek quadrant throttle and may fit CH throttles, (not tried yet) .


The top handles are the original size of the Boeing 737 throttles.


For more information about his item please watch the video below.


This sale for the Eng 2 Arm handle without the flaps or the speed brake handles, they sold separately from our website.


Please note:

The Saitek Throttles unit is not included, this sale for the add-on levers only.