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Saitek Throttle Lever Eng 2 (Pro Plus White)


New product

Saitek Eng 2 Arm Handle (right arm) Pro Edition in White


Dispatch time: 3 - 6 days (usually sooner)

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Boeing 737 Throttle levers for Saitek quadrant, made of PVC material,  it fits Saitek quadrant throttle

Pro Plus release:

New futures:

  • Wider reverse throw
  • Added reverse switches  
  • Added wire channels (customers now will be able to wire up all switches)
  • Added reverse springs



Boeing 737 speedbrake and flap levers.

We have improved the thickness of the levers and added the edition items:

Reversal levers (Not Wired) with replica handles of the Boeing 737

Auto take off & go around switches (Not Wired)

A/P Disconnect switches. (Not Wired)


Label sticker will be provided.

All top handles are the original size and replica of the Boeing 737 throttles.


Form more information about his item please watch the video below.


This sale for the Eng 2 Arm handle without the flaps or the speed brake handles, they sold separately from our website.



Please note:

The Saitek Throttles unit is not included, this sale for the add-on levers only.